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Registration for Moseley Barcamp now open

May 2, 2009

If you want to be a part of Moseley Barcamp, attendance registration is now open! Places are limited if you’d like to be an audience participant (panellists, please see below) – remember, you’ll be as much a part of the dialogue as the panel hosts. Please note that you must register if you want to attend and can do so by clicking here to register for the event.

Don’t like clicking on text? Wanna click on a spanky big orange buttony thing, instead? Oh, alright then….


Panellists don’t need to register, so if your name appears below, no need to anything else….. for now:

  • Andy Mabbett
  • Charlie Pinder
  • Chris Unitt
  • Donato Esposito
  • Emma Jones
  • Jon Bounds
  • Jon Hickman
  • Matt Murtagh
  • Michael Grimes
  • Multipack
  • Neil Houston
  • Nick Booth
  • Nicky Getgood
  • Nikki Pugh
  • Pete Ashton
  • Sam Coley
  • Tom Martin

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