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What we did this week…..

April 11, 2009

Yesterday saw a successful ten hour beer sesh focused reconnaissance mission to see what the venue would offer up. Bags of room, a good mezzanine space for break-out or other activities and a big, fat bar. We might not follow the classic model of a barcamp, but we do have the key ingredient: the bar. We also have leg room, which is effectively an upgrade to business class for those who recall the cosiness of WxWM. We like this.

Over lunch, we talked about how the spaces could be used effectively, agreed what sort of attendee numbers to aim for and saw a few offshoot conversations saw an impromptu panel debate. Of course, after lunch, it’s only proper to have a digestif or two. So we did. Rumours that this turned into a drinking marathon have, of course, been greatly exaggerated *cough*.

Now we know what we’ve got to work with, we can start pulling things together, meaning that we’ll be asking folk to confirm their attendance from the beginning of next month. We’ll give you a nudge when we’re ready.

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