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Announcing Moseley Barcamp @ Moseley Festival

April 2, 2009

Moseley Barcamp is the new bouncing baby of the first Birmingham barcamp, WxWM. We’re taking over the upstairs of The Cross in Moseley for the afternoon and evening of Sunday 28th June. The main event brings a range of folk with something to say about social media or the internetz to the floor to talk, with attendees very much a part of the action adding two-way dialogue, opinions, anecdote sharing and a great big dollop of fun.

Soon, we’ll be asking who wants to take part in Moseley Barcamp. This time round, we have a greater lead time which is particularly smashing, as it really opens it all up to you lovely lot. So, get donning those caps of thinkdom. Maybe you have ideas for a panel you’d like to host. What’s your voice, what’s your poison or what is it that tickles you about all things online? What are you doing online, or what online activity has become an offline spin-off, and why is it important? Maybe you want to come along and just be a part of it all. We like people who are interesting and interested. It’s all about the content – you are the event. We provide a space, some time and a framework for you to shape it all.

After the main event, we’ll be winding down with an afterparty at the venue so that you can network, chill out, banter and….. well, let’s be sensible, have a darned good reason to book the Monday off.

You’ll need to pre-register to attend, and we’ll tell you how to do that once more details have been established.

You can follow Moseley Barcamp progress on Twitter by hooking up with @moseleybarcamp and following the blog.

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  1. April 3, 2009 6:35 pm

    I am so up for this, as you might imagine. My talk will be titled “Whatever Pete’s been thinking about in the last week”.

  2. April 6, 2009 12:21 pm

    This could be really fun! I’ve got a couple of questions though, as this is one day I assume the “camp” element won’t be there? And secondly is there anything I can do to help out? I’ve got experience organising and helping out with lightning talk style things, whether it just be setting up the talk board, encouraging shy people to talk, or holding up cards for speakers to know when to finish, would love to help.

  3. April 6, 2009 3:45 pm

    @Daniel. You’re right, a classic BarCamp would have the overnight aspect but it’s my understanding that’s not required. I think the Charlie’s plotting will be more along these lines.

    • April 6, 2009 5:20 pm

      Yep, Pete’s pretty spot on. Likely to keep a similar format as we did for WxWM in terms of asking people if they’d like to host a panel/activity so we can put together some kind of running order. I think the classic Barcamp model works brilliantly for the ‘everyone turn up with an idea for a talk/panel’ as it can then spin off into other things during the next phase, but we’re on a pretty limited timescale compared to this, so keeping it relatively simple is important.

      Daniel – will certainly bear you in mind for helping out. Have a lot to establish in terms of the venue, capacity and possible formats and will update the blog as this progresses. Thank you! 🙂

  4. April 10, 2009 11:57 pm

    I’m in – how can I help?

    • April 11, 2009 5:14 pm

      Thank you, Andy. We’re just carving it all up at the moment, so will let you know if we need you 🙂

      • April 11, 2009 7:06 pm

        Waddya mean, “if”? Surely I’m indispensable?

      • April 11, 2009 8:04 pm

        Everybody who’ll be there will be indispensable 😉

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